Pub landscaping

More and more pubs and hotels are realising just how important their garden can be for business, we have over fifteen years experience designing, planning and building pub and hotel gardens and realising the full potential for our clients.

We mix contemporary, traditional and sometimes unusual materials, while keeping in mind practical everyday use, to create unique and attractive pub and hotel gardens.

The use of lighting and soft planting can be used to make the garden more appealing to people of all ages, contemporary to appeal to the more modern of us, while still keeping the traditional roots of an old english pub garden.

After the initial consultation and briefing, we will provide CAD drawings and visualisations to show you exactly how your project will look and feel after completion. After making any necessary changes to the plan, you will recieve a schedule of works plan, We can then proceed to build your new and unique pub or hotel garden for you.

To book a consultation with public house services of for more information about our pub garden designs please give us a call now on 01635 254214
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