Welcome to public house services

Prepare yourself for a new and unique way to keep the exterior of your pub/hotel, looking at its best all year round. We have over twelve years experience in the license trade working for major breweries, pub groups, freehold and leasehold pubs, all over the southern UK area. With our award winning products and services and friendly customer care, we'll always keep your pub looking great.

This site is dedicated to showing you what public house services can do for your pub, both for your image and for the safety and satisfaction of your customers. Health and safety is very important, so stop those accidents before they happen.

Our complete exterior maintenance system incudes our award winning bench restoration service, superb hanging baskets and floral displays, computerized and efficient Irrigation systems, pressure cleaning and comprehensive landscaping, design and garden maintenance.

Whether you require just one of our products or services or a complete landscaping and design project, we can offer the correct plan to suit your budget.

Public House Services is a company that cares, so why not take a look through our site or give us a call now on 01635 254214
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